Dr. Muhammad Asfand-e-Yar
Category: Faculty
Published on: January 9, 2015
Last updated on July 24th, 2020
Personal Information
Name Dr. Muhammad Asfand-e-Yar
Email asfandeyar.buic@bahria.edu.pk
Phone 9260002 ext 1405
Research Area Semantic Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Ontology Modelling, Text mining, Natural language Processing, Machine Learning
Number of Publications 15
Designation Sr. Assistant Professor
Department Computer Science
University Bahria University Islamabad Campus
Degree Passing Year Majors University
Ph.D. 2011 Semantic Web Technology Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
MS Computer Science 2004 Networks and Communication International Islamic University, Islamabad
Teaching Experience
Designation From To Organization
Assistant Professor August, 2015 Date Bahria University, Islamabad
Assistant Professor Visiting April, 2015 September, 2015 UET-CSIT, Peshawar
Assistant Professor April, 2015 August, 2015 CECOS University of Emerging Sciences, Peshawar
Lecturer August, 2004 August, 2006 NUCES – FAST University


Sr. #
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2. M Asfand-e-yar, Ramis Ali, Samia Mushtaq, Semantic Classification of Business Ontology while Migrating Business , Multimedia tools and appilcation, SPRINGER, (Impact Factor 2.01)
3. Shagufta Henna, M Sajeel, Faisal Bahir, M Asfand-e-yar, M Tauqir, A Fair Contention Access Scheme for Low-Priority Traffic in Wireless Body Area Networks, MDPI Sensors, Vol. 1August 2017, pp 1- 21 (Impact Factor 2.64)
4. M A Lodhi, M M Khan, A Rahman, M Asfand-e-yar, Faisal Bahir, Transient Multipath routing protocol for low power and lossy networks, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, Vol. 11, Issue 4, April 2017, pp 2000-2019 (Impact Factor 0.45)
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7. M Asfand-e-yar, M Sher, Secure rout path Formation in Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol, ITJ, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Feb 2004, pp 142-145


Sr. #
1. Partically Online Dynamic Bandwidth allocation Algorithm for Hybrid TDM/WDM EPON, M.K.Multani, Arif-ur-Rahman, M.Asfand-e-yar, 17th International conference on Smart Technologies, (IEEE EUROCON’17), IEEE publisher, pp. 902 – 906, 2017.
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7. Blending the Sketched Use Case Scenario with License Agreements Using Semantics, M.Asfandeyar, A.Anjomshoaa, E.R.Weippl, A.M.Toja, 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management (KSEM), LNCS Springer Verlag, pp 275-284, 2009.
8. Rizwan Paha, Muhammad Asfand-e-yar, A Review of Cross-Platform binary compatibility using Dynamic Binary Translation, Proceedings of 1st National Conference on Emerging Trends and Innovations in Computing & Technology (NACTICT’16), March 2016.