Category: Past Events October 23, 2016
Last updated on December 15th, 2016

2Bahria University, in collaboration with Shifa Foundation, organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar on Thursday, 20th October, 2016 at BU Presentation Hall, as part of its two day breast cancer campaign in association with Pink Ribbon Pakistan. The two hour all-female seminar was hosted by members of the CSP club featuring two main guest speakers Dr.Khadeeja and Dr.Saira of Shifa Foundation, who spoke and educated the female audience on the topic of Breast Cancer.

Shifa Foundation is an NGO funded by Shifa Hospital that is working towardsk creating a healthy world to shape the future of the underprivileged community by promoting health and development.

The seminar commenced at 10:00am, with after brief introduction of the Shifa Foundation and its mission by Dr.Khadeeja, Dr. Saira took up the podium and went on to discuss breast cancer in its depth which included an elaborate dialogue on its causes, symptoms, treatment options, self-examination and preventative measures. She dismantled all myths and overcame taboos concerning Breast Cancer and gave students the entire spectrum of the topic on basis of factual accuracy.

In compliance to the Pink theme of the campaign, students and the managing team were dressed accordingly. This promoted unity on part of the audience to stand together in the face of breast cancer, creating awareness amongst them and encouraging them to pass on this important and valuable information to their female peers and family members. Brochures on Understanding Breast Cancer and pink ribbons were also distributed amongst the audience.

A Question & Answer session was held towards the end of the seminar which further dismantled certain myths the students held about breast cancer and addressed any other personal queries that they had.