2nd National Conference on Iqbal 2022
Category: Past Events September 1, 2022
Last updated on November 9th, 2022

Main objective of Iqbal conferences at Bahria University is to integrate Iqbal’s teachings in our educational processes. This conference will focus on encouraging Pakistani educational institutions, both schools and higher education institutions to restructure the institutional environment and curricula in line with Iqbal’s thought and his Qur’anic teachings. As such it will run in two tracks: School track and Higher Education Institution Track.

The 2nd National Conference on Iqbal 2022 will be organized from 9th to 11th November 2022 in three campuses of Bahria University in the manner:

Islamabad Campus –   9 November 2022

Karachi Campus      –   10 November 2022

Lahore Campus       –   11 November 2022



فکراقبال اور ہمارا تعلیمی  نظام:عصر حاضر اور آئیندہ لائحہ عمل

Iqbal’s teachings and our educational system: contemporary outlook and the way forward.


For more information, please access conference website at https://iqbalconference.bahria.edu.pk/