MS Data Science

MS Data Science

Big data and analytics now drive strategic decision making and innovation whether it is in relation to engineering, finance, health or other professional areas. There is a growing demand for data scientists who can apply powerful tools and advanced statistical modelling techniques to make discoveries about business problems, processes and platforms. Master of Science in Data Science, shall addresses the intersection of three areas driving data science: technologies, analytics and business needs.

Eligibility Criteria

HEC recognized 4 years Bachelor degree in CS/SE/CE/EE/IT/Statistics/Mathematics or equivalent with CGPA 2.5/4.0 (Semester System) or 50% marks (Annual System). NTS-GAT (General)/ GRE/ University entry test passed with 50% marks.

The following core courses are recommended to be completed before entering the MS Data Science program.

  1. Programming Fundamentals
  2. Data Structures & Algorithms OR Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  3. Database Systems

A student selected for admission having deficiency in the above stated courses shall be required to study the courses, which must be passed in the first two semesters. Deficiency courses shall be determined by the Departmental Selection Committee, before admitting the student. A student cannot register in MS courses, unless all specified deficiency courses have been passed.

Deficiency course shall be offered with undergraduate students and per credit hour fee of undergraduate program shall be applied.

Semester-wise Breakdown:    MS Data Science

Semester 1
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
DSC-500 Tools and Techniques in Data Science 03 / (2+1)
DSC-501 Statistical and Mathematical Methods for Data Analysis 03
ESC-701 Research Methodology 03
Total 09
 Semester 2
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
DSC-700 Big Data Analytics 03
CSC-719 Machine Learning 03
Elective-I 03
Total 09
Semester 3
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
DSC-704 Deep Learning 03
Elective-II 03
Thesis-I / Elective – III 03
Total 09
Semester 4
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Thesis-II / Elective – IV 03
Total 03
Elective Courses – MS Data Science
Sr. No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
5 DSC-702 Data Visualization 3
6 DSC-703 Distributed Data Engineering 3
2 DSC-705 Unstructured Data Processing 3
3 CSC-518 Decision Support Systems 3
4 CSC-715 Intelligent Agents 3
5 CSC-741 Advanced Natural Language Processing 3
6 CEN-745 Advanced Digital Image Processing 3
7 CSC-749 Advanced Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic 3
8 CSC-751 Pattern Recognition 3
9 CSC-764 Computer Vision 3
10 CSC-781 Cloud Computing 3
11 CSC-554 Advanced Information Theory 3
12 CSC-747 Text Mining 3
13 CSC-752 Advanced DBMS 3
14 CSC-760 Advanced Data Warehousing 3
15 SEN-764 Ontology Engineering 3
16 ESC-500 Thesis 6