MS Computer Science
Last updated on May 6th, 2016

Eligibility Criteria: 4 years degree in BS/BSE/BEE/BET/BSCS/CE/IT/Electronics/equivalent with minimum 130 Cr Hrs and CGPA 2.5/4.0 (Semester System) or 50% marks (Annual System). NTS-GAT (General) or GRE passed with 50% marks. Result. Result of NTS-GAT (General) or GRE must be submitted within six months after the admission.

Road Map

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSC-503 Advanced Theory of Computation 3
CSC-521 Advanced Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
ESC-701 Research Methodology 3
XXX-XXX Elective-I 3
XXX-XXX Elective-II 3
XXX-XXX Elective-III 3
XXX-XXX Elective-IV 3
XXX-XXX Elective-V 3
  Thesis-I/Elective 3
XXX-XXX Elective-VI 3
  Thesis-II/Elective 3
List of Electives
CSC-504 Ubiquitous Computing 3
CSC-514 Information Retrieval Techniques 3
CSC-515 Virtual Reality 3
CSC-516 Game Theory 3
CSC-701 Computer Supported Cooperative Work 3
SEN-715 Intelligent User Interface Design and Evaluation 3
SEN-720 Advanced Human Computer Interaction 3
SEN-756 Advanced Usability Engineering 3
CSC-504 Ubiquitous Computing 3
CSC-518 Decision Support Systems 3
CSC715 Intelligent Agents 3
CSC-719 Machine Learning 3
CSC-741 Advanced Natural Language Processing 3
CEN-745 Advanced Digital Image Processing 3
CSC-750 Advanced Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic 3
CSC-751 Pattern Recognition 3
CSC-764 Computer Vision 3
EET-519 Distributed Networking 3
EET-520 Network Administration and Management 3
EET-556 Mobile Communications and Networking 3
EET-702 Advanced Network Security 3
EET-713 Advanced Network Design 3
EET-716 Advanced Topics in Wireless Networking and Communications 3
EET-717 Network Performance Evaluation 3
EET-761 Network Protocols and Standards 3
CSC-554 Information Theory 3
CSC-746 Advanced Data Mining 3
CSC-747 Text Mining 3
CSC-752 Advanced DBMS 3
CSC-753 Distributed Databases 3
CSC- Advanced Data Warehousing 3
CSC-755 Web based DBMS 3
CSC-756 Multimedia Databases 3
CSC-720 Advanced Operating Systems 3
CEN-720 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
CSC-781 Cloud Computing 3