BBA (4 Years)

Credit Hours: 138

Offered at: Islamabad/Karachi Campus

Academic Eligibility: 50% Marks in Intermediate/quivalent

Programme overview

The undergraduate programmes at Bahria University are structured to enable students to develop a strong background in the subjects relating to their programmes.  They are also given a good exposure to core courses in the desired field of study and a thorough knowledge in major courses.

Core Courses

Core courses enable the student to master foundation skills, learn fundamental concepts and understand how different subjects integrate with one another.  Starting from a common knowledge base they help the student in achieving his/her ultimate objective of acquiring the desired degree in the programme.

Majors Courses

Major courses build upon the basic understanding developed during the study of core courses i.e Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. The students then develop their skills and broaden their perspective for its application in the chosen programmes of study in real life.

Programme Objective

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Bahria University endows students with business skills so that they can enter the world of commerce and industry with confidence. The programme aims to enhance, in a comprehensive manner, the students’ knowledge in the business related subjects they have chosen. On completion of their studies our graduates will be able to meet the challenges of information technology, human resource management and marketing fields with great confidence.

Road Map       


Road Map BBA 4 years

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