Prof. Yasmeen Taj
Category: November 8, 2016
Campus Bahria University Medical & Dental College, karachi


Department Pathology
Designation Senior Professor & HOD
Name Prof. Yasmeen Taj
Phone (Office Ext) 021-35319491-9 (1042)
Research Area Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Number of publication 19
Degree Passing Year Majors University
Ph.D (Microbiology) 2012 University Of Karachi
M. Phil (Microbiology 1991 BMSI , JPMC
MBBS 1980 Dow Medical College
Diploma (Medical Transcription),
Diploma Arabic language 1997
Designation From To Organization
Professor 1st April 2016 Till to date Bahria University Medical & Dental College
Professor 20th April 2015 28 Mar 2016 Sindh Medical College
Professor 27th May 2012 20th April 2015 Dow Medical College
Associate Professor May 2005 May 2012 Dow Medical College
Assistant Professor Feb 1998 Feb 2015 Dow Medical College
Assistant Professor Oct 1992 Jan 1998 Sindh Medical College
Service Candidate July 1988 July 1991 BMSCI JPMC
Demonstrator Sep 1987 July 1998 Sindh Medical College
Demonstrator Aug 1985 Sep 1987 Dow Medical College
Demonstrator Jan 1982 March 1983 Dow Medical College
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