Prof. Dr. Nasim Karim
Category: September 15, 2015

Dr Nasim Karim

Department Pharmacology (BUMDC)
Designation Principal BUHS-PGI &  HOD Pharmacology
Name Prof. Dr. Nasim Karim
Email Address
Phone Office Ext 021-35319491-9 (1072)
Research Area Pharmacology
Number of Publications 80
Degree Passing Year Majors University
MBBS 1989 Medicine, Surgery, Obst& Gynae, Eye, ENT, Pediatrics Dow Medical College, Karachi University
MPhil 2000 Pharmacology BMSI, JPMC, Karachi University
PhD 2005 Pharmacology University of Karachi, Pakistan
 Post- Doctoral Fellowship (HEC Awarded Scholarship) 2006-2007 Pharmacology Karachi UniversityUniversity of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey (UMDNJ), USA
Teaching Experience
Designation From To Organization
Principal BUHS-PGI September 2022 To date Bahria University Medical & Dental college Karachi
Professor and HOD 29-9-2010 Till to Date Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi
Assistant Professor 19.08.2002 28-09-2010 Sindh Medical College – Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS).Karachi
Lecturer/ Demonstrator 02.04.1995 18.08.2002 Dow Medical College, Karachi
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