Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi
Category: November 9, 2016
Campus Bahria University Medical & Dental College, karachi  


Department Community & Preventive Dentistry
Designation Head of Department & Vice Principal (Dental Section)
Name Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi
Email kulsumhussain@hotmail.com
Phone (Office Ext) 021-35319491-9 (1110)
Research Area Dental Public Health, Epidemiology, Cross infection
Number of publication 11 Journal Publications
1 Book Publication
Degree Passing Year Majors University
C-Ortho 2007 Orthodontics Dr. Najib Sidiki  and Associates, Karachi, Pakistan
C-EYE (Early Years Education)  2001 Education Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK
DDPH 2009 Dental Public Health Royal College of Surgeons, England, UK
Msc (DPH) 2008 Dental Public Health King’s College London, London, UK
BDS  2006 Dentistry Baqai Medical University, Karachi, Pakistan
BSc  1998 Science St. Joseph’s College,Karachi, Pakistan
Designation From To Organization
Vice – Principal
(Dental Section)
24th Oct 2016 Till to date Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi.
Head of Department  Oct 2010 Till to date Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi.
Acting Principal Sep 2014  Feb 2015 Bahria University Medical & Dental College Karachi.
Senior Registrar  Sep 2008 Sep 2010 Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan Institute of Oral Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan
MDS Co-ordinator Dec 2008 Sep 2010 Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan
Sno. Author (s)
1. Suzanne E. Scott, Kulsoom Rizvi, Elizabeth A. Grunfeld, Mark McGurk. Pilot study to estimate the accuracy of mouth self-examination in an at-risk group.Head & Neck – DOI10.1002/hed.2010
2. Kulsoom Rizvi, Nasreen Amanat,Rozina Nazir. Oral hygiene habits among patients attending tertiary care dental unit.Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal,Vol.32(2),2012
3. Kulsoom Rizvi, Rozina Nazir, Nasreen Amanat. Assessment Of Oral Cavity Lesions By The Patients Through Self-Examination.Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal , Vol.33(1),2013
4. Shahbano Syed, Sobia Bilal, Narendar D, Kulsoom Rizvi. Dental anxiety among adult patient & its correlation with their self- assessed dental status & treatment needs.Journal of Pakistan Medical Association,Vol.63(5),2013
5. Rozina Nazir, Nasreen Amanat, Kulsoom Rizvi. Patterns, Prevalence & Severity Of Malocclusion Among University Students. Journal of Pakistan Dental Association Vol.22 (1) Jan.-March 2013
6. Daud Mirza, Saman Hakkeem , Syed Ahmed Omer,Kulsoom Rizvi.Frequency of torus palatines: a study done in a teacing hospital in Karachi.Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal.Vol.33(1),2013
7. Nasreen Amanat, Daud Mirza, Kulsoom Rizvi. Pattern of Third Molar Impaction: Frequency & Types among Patients attending Urban Teaching Hospital of Karachi. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal , Vol.34(1),2014
8. Kulsoom Rizvi. Oral Cancer Screening. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG. Number: 50382
ISBN: 978-3-8484-8408-9
9. Dr.Kulsoom Rizvi, Dr.Raima Bashir.  Oral Health Status in public school children.  Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal,  Vol 35(4) Dec, 2015
10. Affaf Fatima, Anum Hira, Dr. Kulsoom Rizvi. ‘Mitigation of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) through Ergonomics’. International Dental Journal of Student Research June 2016;4(2):66-70
11. Dr. Anum Sami, Dr. Kulsoom Rizvi,Dr. Hira, Dr.Raima Bashir. Relationship of parental knowledge and attitude with the oral health status of children. BJMMR 14(9): 1-9, 2016, Article no.BJMMR.24767
12. Dr.Raima Bashir, Dr.Kulsoom Rizvi.  Assessment of levels of oral hygiene awareness, knowledge, attitude and practice in the children of a government school in Karachi.  BJMMR 15(2): 1-11, 2016, Article no.BJMMR.24794
 1. Association Between Periodontitis & CVD in Patients attending tertiary care hospital. Dr.Mushtaq, Dr.Zehra, Dr.Kulsoom Cross – sectional Studies to assess association of periodontitis with cardiovascular problems Submitted
 2. Prevalence of Gingivitis & periodontitis in patients attending Periodontology Department at BUMDC Dr.Mushtaq, Dr.Zehra, Dr.Kulsoom Cross – sectional Studies finding prevalence of periodontal conditions in general population Manuscript Submitted
 3. Knowledge and adherence to cross infection control measures among dental students and auxiliary staff  Dr. Raima Bashir, Dr. Anum Sami, Dr. Kulsoom Rizvi Observational, cross-sectional study to assess the knowledge and adherence to cross infection protocols In-progress: Discussion writing
 4. Knowledge of hepatitis B infection and immunization among dental students and dental professional Dr. Kulsoom Rizvi, Dr. Hira Raza, Dr. Mamoora Arsalan Randomized cross sectional survey Manuscript writing
 5. Oral health care knowledge, attitude and practice among general nursing students in Karachi Dr.Raima Bashir, Dr. Kiran Fatima
Dr. Kulsoom Rizvi
Cross sectional study of other health care worker (nurses) Data collection
 6. Learning approaches in dental and medical students of BUMDC. A comparison between Deep and Surface Approach. Dr Kiran Fatima Mehboob,
Dr Raima,
Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi, Arooj,
Cross Sectional Study Data collection
 7. Frequency and clinicopathological parameters of head and neck malignancies reporting at ENT/ Dental departments of Bahria University Medical & dental College/ PNS Shifa Dr.Summayya Shawana, Prof.Dr.Iqbal Hussain, Prof.Dr. Mohiuddin, Dr.Fatima, Dr.Kulsoom Prospective Observational Study In- Process