Dr. Ambreen Usmani
Category: November 10, 2016
Campus BUM&DC  


Medical Education

Department Administration 
Designation Principal & Dean, Professor of Anatomy
Name Prof. Dr. Ambreen Usmani
Email Address ambreen.bumdc@bahria.edu.pk
Phone Office Ext 021-35319491-9 (1026)
Research Area Anatomy, Medical Education, Molecular Biology 
Number of Publications 90
Degree Passing Year Majors University
Women Leadership Residency Program ongoing   Michigan State University USA
FCPS Anatomy  2022 Anatomy  CPSP
Ph.D (Anatomy) 2017 Anatomy  Ziauddin University
MCPS-HPE 2011 Medical Education  CPSP
PGD-Bioethics 2010 Biomedical Ethics  SIUT
MPhil-Anatomy 2007 Anatomy Ziauddin University
MBBS 1995 MBBS Baqai Medical University
Designation From To Organization
Senior Professor 2017 Till to date Bahria University Health Sciences Karachi
Professor 2015 2017 Bahria University Health Sciences Karachi
Associate Professor 2012 2015 Bahria University Health Sciences Karachi
Assistant Professor 2008 2012 Bahria University Health Sciences Karachi
Assistant Professor 2007 2008 Ziauddin University
Lecturer 2003 2007 Ziauddin University
Demonstrator 2002 2003 Baqai Medical University
 1. MicroRNA in Breast Cancer.
 2. Mentoring Medical Students.
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